The mission of the Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics is to build an appropriate research infrastructure, that will develop the fundamental and applied science in the area of advanced composites and robotics, through the interdisciplinary approach, with a special accent on their implementation, creating conditions for a leader position on the domestic and international markets. This will be achieved through a clear and focused work program, with attracting and building high-skilled research personnel and permanent development of the research infrastructure, following the world trends in the development of advanced composites and robotics.

With the application of polymer matrix with improved mechanical characteristics, with inserting nano-particles (those are particles where at least one of the dimensions is on a nano-metrical level), under controlled conditions, creation of composite materials, with superior characteristics compared to the constituents they are consisted of will be enabled. According to the previous knowledge, the utilization of the nano-particles in the polymer matrix, even in concentration of a few percentages (or part of a percentage), can contribute for multiple improvement of certain characteristics of the final advanced composite material, in comparison with the micro-composites where the presence of the reinforcements is in much higher concentration.

The selection, of low toxic resin in the composites, is the biggest world challenge for providing eco-composites.

The appropriate automation and robotization of the complete process of creating composites, enables designing of the desired composite structures that will successfully substitute the existing and conventional metals and alloys.

The Institute will be orientated towards cooperation with the leading world institutes in the field of advanced composites and robotics, which will help in achieving greater improvement, perfection and exchange of the positive scientific-research experience within these areas.

With the implementation of this advanced knowledge-based concept, we’ll trace the road to fulfillment of the mutual aim: elevating the level of technical-technological development of the Republic of Macedonia.

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