Implementation of scientific researches

The previuos scientific researches in the advanced composites technology would help in the initial phases of existence and work of the Institute and its proper incorporating in the society. The further work of this Institute, the world achievements would be actively followed and in any case, they would be complemented with scientific-research ideas and results achieved by the Institute. The Institute will be an active "player" in the science field.

Because of the complex nature of this technology, professionals of various profiles (engineers, theoreticians, physicians, chemists, scientific researchers) are expected to take active participation in the work of the project within the Institute. They, with their professionalism and knowledge in the fields of chemistry, physics, technology, engineering, modeling, etc... will give their contribution for successful work. Also, the Institute is aware of the previous achievements in the area of advanced composite technology at global level, so it would try to incorporate them correctly in its scientific work. The results of the multi-disciplined project approach of the Institute would be of great scientific importance for the wider publicity within the country and wider.

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