Postgraduate studies

Areas of composites and robotics are high-priority ones in the future development of science and technology in Europe and USA, and in the whole world. Multidisciplinarity, connection and changeability of research results, as much as the possibility of their direct implementation in the future, are especially emphasized. The concept of multidisciplinarity will enable the principal of synergetic effect, meaning ability of parallel research results implementation into one common solution, technology, developing product, which will have much greater use value, compared to isolated research in one concrete area. This is one of the fundamental paradigms of these studies.

Within the outstanding laboratory space equipped with the most contemporary equipment for advanced research and rich library fund with over 4.000 science literature, significant number of postgraduate students will be created , who will give their contribution through advanced studies, along with the leading researchers from the Republic of Macedonia and the rest of the world. Studies are based on the concept of Bologna process and the proper Macedonian legislative. Staff created at the Institute, will be a base of the new concept for necessary infrastructure and knowledge creation for intensive foreign investments that are expected in Macedonia in the future.

After completion of the studies and acquiring 60/120 ECTS, students obtain the title Master of Technical Sciences in the Field of Composite Materials MSc. 


Resenie za akreditacija - OAE - dvegodisni - 2020.pdf

Resenie za akreditacija - OAE - ednogodisni - 2020.pdf

Resenie za pocetok so rabota - Agencija za kvalitet - dvegodisni - 2021.pdf

Resenie za pocetok so rabota - Agencija za kvalitet - ednogodisni - 2021.pdf

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