Historical preview

The composite materials date long ago, 4000 before Christ. For instance, macro-composite materials had been used as constructive material, as a mix of straw and mud, for building houses for living. Although, at that time, people hadn't been aware for their scientific activity at producing a new composite material, they had known that they made a mix of two or more components, to get a new reinforced material, a material that overcomes the features of the individually used components and successfully satisfies certain requirements. Since then, the composite materials have been developing, through the development and wide usage of micro-composites, and lately, this trend moves to a direction of advanced composite materials.

The vision for development of advanced composite materials has been described by many people – scientists, 50 years ago. Although, at that time equipment and instruments with which the structure of the substances could be analyzed, didn't exist, for a few decades, the most powerful machines and equipment had been produced, for instance, electronically microscopes (SEM, TEM ), AFM etc.. often used nowadays. The fact that in the countries of the European Union and much wider in the world a huge amount of financial assets yearly have been put aside for these technologies, talks about the development of the advanced composites and technologies for their production that continues in the future with a hasty pace. It is predicted that the application of advanced structural composites, only for a few years, will achieve multiple increase, compared to the beginning of this century.

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