Meeting for mutual collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics – Prilep and Lomonosov - Moscow State University

On Thursday, June 13th, 2013, Prof. PhD Blagoja Samakoski, Dean of postgraduate studies at the Institute for Advanced Composites and Robotics (IACR), had a meeting with Prof. Dr. Sc. Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy, Rector at Lomonosov Moscow State University, during which collaboration between the two academic institutions was discussed.

The primary objective of the meeting at „Lomonosov Moscow State University” in Moscow, Russia, was creating a platform for mutual involvement of the two academic institutions in future educational and scientific R&D activities.

One of the aims of the first meeting was initiating and creating conditions for joint work of the two educational institutions in professional and scientific projects, academic research, mutual workshop organization and participation, guest lecturing and student exchange.

Exchange of experiences and practices will be carried out through professional and academic meetings and implementation of promotional and productive projects for professionalization.

Both institutions have agreed that it would be of a common interest to continue sharing experiences and best academic practices on future professional and academic meetings.